EXCERPT FROM Inhale, Exhale.

inhale, exhale.

My newest WIP Unedited and subject to change.

“Hey, there,” she says in what she probably thinks is sultry, but comes across as desperate. I nod, it’s my go-to move for acknowledgement. “It’s dark over there,” she implies suggestively, gesturing to the bushes on the side of the house. “If you’d like to take me for a ride.” This one is full of class. Classic bored girl routine, slow clap for you, Morgan. I’m not drunk enough for this shit. But I move my palm onto her bare thigh anyway. Trailing under her skirt, I graze her panties. She moans, gripping my shoulders. Finally thinking better of it, I stop my movements and gently push her away. “I’m not feeling it,” I say. It’s not a lie, she doesn’t do it for me. I’m languid in my jeans, she literally doesn’t turn me on at all. Especially not when I’m in this mood. She walks away, and then I see her. It’s as if my mind is sober while I can’t get my body into gear. She’s as clear as a glassy lake, when nothing makes waves, it’s serene, silent, and still as can be. My eyes rake her frame, she’s wearing a short dress that hits mid thigh. It’s peach and seems too sweet for a girl with eyes like hers. They’re brown, but as if the know everything the world has to show. They’re mischievous and perfect. Her hair is nearly black and long, so long it hits her navel. And her skin is golden, and I can’t stop staring. My cock hardens immediately, drawing my attention to her lips. What’s a man to do? I haven’t said anything, because at this moment, I’m fucking speechless. Moments before I couldn’t beg myself to harden over a desperate cheerleader, and this girl just has to exist to get my blood flowing. “Hey,” I say lamely. The world feels fuzzier than a few moments ago, she’s like a tornado with her presence, throwing me off course and everywhere at once. “Hi,” she responds with a wave, her voice soft but confidently so. She doesn’t look down, she keeps her eyes on mine, and that’s such an attractive quality. This girl is not shy at all, but not in a I-want-to-fuck-you manner, just in a I-know-what-I-want-in-life kind. “Jase Collins.” I put my hand out, waiting for her to shake it like old people do. She stares at it in disinterest. “Loren,” she replies, a smile as beautiful as they get takes up her face. She’s one of those people that smiles with her whole damn face. Her nose scrunches in pleasure, her eyes crinkle at the edges, and her teeth show entirely. It’s adorable, and quite frankly making me mad with lust. Is that a thing? Being overcome with desire from a person’s smile? “What are you doing at a party like this?” I wonder out loud, not realizing it. She’s too good for a party like this, too innocent, too sweet. She looks at me and then at the cup nestled in my left hand. She probably thinks I’ve had too much to drink, but answers anyway. “My best friend thought it was a good idea,” she sasses, putting a hand on her hip. Her smile is back and it’s an annoyed one, “he doesn’t realize how much I hate these things.” She gestures around the house like the whole thing is absurd. “Then why come?” “He’s my best friend, I always support his stupidity,” she states simply, like there’s not another answer in the world. I nod slowly, taking in what she said, “You’re a good friend.” And she is, if anyone dragged me along here and I didn’t want to come, I would leave. Hell, I wouldn’t have ever shown up. She shrugs non committedly, “He’s always been here for me.” “Are you two more than friends?” I can’t resist to ask for some reason. I’ll blame it on the booze. It’s a good excuse as any. “He wants to be, but it’d ruin our friendship.” “Then you won’t mind if I do this?” I barely get out before crushing my lips to hers, enveloping her mouth with mine, she lets out the sexiest groan. She doesn’t push me away or bat me away like a fly, she deepens the kiss. Like the spark I’m experiencing that takes up my entire body, buzzing throughout my system isn’t just one sided. I drop my cup, gripping her face in the next second. Her hands find my hips, gripping so hard it’s like she thinks I’ll disappear into thin air. Even if I wanted to go, I couldn’t. My body and heart wouldn’t let me. This kiss is everything.

Copyright © C.L. MATTHEWS

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