Midnight F*cking Blue Review


I found the definition for angst, it's defined as, Midnight Blue. No really, look it up, and pretend it's actually there. I should probably start with: I read this in one sitting. For today, I put aside my writing, my swag, and my sanity. Oops, that last one wasn't on purpose. The course of the entire day, this book wreaked havoc on my soul. HAVOC. It crushed me to bits, it squashed all things holy in my heart, and god, did I love every f*cking second. L.J. Shen outdid herself with this one, it absolutely took my breath away. REALLY, I had to remind myself it was a story, even when it captivated my mind and heart and soul. Reminding myself that the hurt would end and love would prevail was what kept me sane! It reminded me to breath and live through Alex and Stardust's story. And Jesus Christ did they have a story to tell. This book took me on a whirlwind of emotions! I went from happy to sad to heartbroken back to happy, to an emotional pit of nothing, a numbness that took over my soul, back to elated and ecstatic, to oh my God this was the best book I've ever read. Yeah. That didn't make sense, but that's okay because that's legitimately what I said into my phone's speech-to-talk. It seemed fitting because it was my immediate reaction while reading the epilogue. 😂 There's so many words to describe this book but the most important one is holy crap this book, this freaking book, I love this book everything about it! Gahhhhhhh. Alex wrecked me, he freaking RUINED me. I'm a mess, I sobbed like a baby, my heart broke and got ripped up, but then, it was literally sewn back together by love, fate, and a crap load of sarcasm! 😍 This book was everything, I LOVED IT! If you love everything sarcastic, honest, a-hole-like, and beyond words, this book is for you.

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