The Unrequited blew me away! It is one of my only five star reviews this year, and at the top of that list. Sometime's you read a book that captures you, this is not the case. This book absolutely consumed my soul. From the very first page where the lost girl falls for the the ending that both mended and broke me in several ways. Broke me because when an unrequited love is returned, it's like the dark and bottomless cavernous chasm that ate you up finally lets light shine through. I'll admit it, there were moments I thought my heart would give up and deflate from the emotions flowing through me, but then there was that sliver of hope for these two, and it pumped once again. It was more than two people looking for love in the wrong places, it was about finding someone without trying, trusting that person to save you, and to believe that their souls can heal one another and become one. Thomas and Layla have stuck with me since reading this book, it took me a while to write their review because they deserved more than my first reactions, "Ohhhhh myyyyyyyy goooooooooooooodneeeeeeeeeeesssss," and "Ermerfreakinggerd!" They deserved the love, compassion, and emotion they conveyed on the pages in this book. Their book calls to me daily for a reread, and soon I'll cave, because it'll consume me once again. And, I know it'll be just as sweet and all engrossing like the first time I was introduced to their story.

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