Lessons in Corruption REVIEW

Ohf*ck!Ohf*ck!Ohf*ck!Ohf*ck!Ohf*ck!Ohf*ck!Ohf*ck!Ohf*ck! Like, seriously. It took me sooooooooo long to even conjure the words I feel for this book. Let's start off with, POPPA GARRRO. Yes, b*tches, I realize this book isn't about him. BUT he took me by my soul, I've had this feeling since he was introduced, that his book will be my favorite. Like, #heydaddy and all that jazz. Okay, now that I'm done physically drooling over a fictional character that screams DILF, let's get to the rest, yeah? I realize I'm an author, and should probably censor myself, but I can't help the emotions and passion I have for characters and books, so...I'll stay me, and you can just scroll if you don't like? King. <-- One word, a million-f*cking-ten meanings. His character is strong, ruthless, blunt, and goddamn sexy. Yeah, he makes any grown adult feel like a perv with his antics, poetic words, and f*ck hot way around a woman's body. Like, "I'll take two of those, please!" He's one of those Alpha males that grabs you from the first impression like he did with Cress. You feel everything along with her, because he's enigmatic and sultry in every sense of those words. One thing I admire most about the Garros, Poppa included because DUH...is how they are loyal to a fault, family means everything, and it's something beautiful. There's so much going on in this story, and all the side stories only made it more captivating. The taboo element is all around, even in the sub-stories you'll read. You can't help but love everyone in The Fallen MC, especially ZEUS. Wait, did I mention that already? OOPS. #sorrynotsorry Can we swoon for one moment, then I'll get back on track? Yeah, okay! "I may be your student, in the classroom, but here, with us and in real life, I'm a man who knows what he wants and takes it. No questions asked and definitely no regrets." LIKE, JFC right? Let's go to my main b*tch, Cressida. (Cress) She's timid at first, that's what happens when a person tears you down like you're nothing. BUT her comeback? The tenacity and confidence? It's incredibly sexy, yes, I said sexy about a woman, big deal. She's such a strong willed character, and watching her grow, battle King, and realize what she wants matters is almost too much. Not in a bad way, but in a way that makes you FEEL everything she has to offer. Girl crush for real though. I think I lost my train of thought a time or two...or ten. This book was the tits, like big ol' nice ones. *squish* *squish* It's the first MC book I've ever enjoyed, and I'm hooked. I'm diving in for a second read, and absolutely dying waiting for my Poppa Garro to get his freak on. ;) Pick up your copy, don't trust me, make your own judgements. Ha! C.L., OUT.

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