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The Dating games: 

Author Edition

available now

How many frog kisses does it take to get to the center of a hunky-man lollipop? The world may never know...
But I, Rebel Payne, am determined to find out.
For my next bestseller, I'm willing to go to any length to motivate my stubborn characters.
What better way to inspire them than a real-life Dating Games?

I'm Coen Kidd, and I like my woman like I like my bikes: thrilling, dangerous, and ready for a ride.
When Rebel trapezes into my life, my small world implodes right in front of me.
She’s desperate for a happily ever after for her characters. I just might be willing to be hers.
Too bad others don’t share our happiness. Even worse, they’re dead set on destroying us.
But they don’t know me. They don’t know the lengths I’ll go. Our love will survive…I hope. 


Erotic Taboo

available now

She’s forbidden.
Too young, too pure, and not mine.
I’ll break all the rules to be with her. 
She belongs to me, even if she doesn't know it yet.

He’s taboo.
Too old, too experienced, and my stepfather.
I’ll cross every line to be with him. 
He's not mine, and never will be.

It’s not about the danger of what's forbidden, 
it’s about the pleasure we get from it.

All consequences be damned.

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Erotic Taboo

available now

Él es de otra.
He’s married. He’s forbidden, but I want him.
Knowing what can never be kills me.
No podemos desafiar al destino, estamos destinados el uno para el otro

Ella está con él. 
Pero él no es digno de ese amor, y ella siempre será mi vida.
I’ll burn the entire world to the ground until she rights her wrongs.
This will end with us, and she knows it.


Somos para siempre.
Juntos somos una locura.

One’s my salvation, the other the captor of my heart.
Love shouldn’t come in threes, so why is this happening to me?
They say love is spilled from the veins and onto the skin of lovers.
Bleed, bleed, bleed until they set you free.
My blood will shed until one wins.
They’re destined to destroy one another, and I’m caught in the middle.
Will there be anyone left?



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They say being twins is a blessing.
You are given a friend for life.
A best one.
But best friends can be in love.
Siblings cannot.
We were born to be together but fated to be apart.
The rules of nature keep him away.
The law forces our distance.
Our blood oath to Los Desolados helps us hide in plain sight.
We are bound forever.
But will it be enough?

Tragedy ebook.jpg

no longer available

The devil whispered in our ears. We listened. We obeyed. We sinned. 
Shall we repent? Or shall we take you down with us? 

Thou shall not have any other gods before me. 
Thou shall not make yourself a carved image. 
Thou shall not take the Lord's name in vain. 
Thou shall remember the Sabbath Day and keep it holy. 
Thou shall honor your mother and father.
Thou shall not murder. 
Thou shall not commit adultery. 
Thou shall not steal. 
Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor. 
Thou shall not covet your neighbor’s house. 

*This is NOT a religious book. This is dark, depraved, and delicious and is intended for a mature audience 18+. The Ten Commandments as you've never seen them before...*

Available NOW

"I do."

Two words woven in love. 
In sickness and in health. 
For better or for worse. 
Til death do us part. 
And death dragged us apart. 
We both said those vows.
But neither of us kept them. 
This is not one of those happy stories.
Life isn't made of simple choices 
and happily ever afters.
It's a dark place.
It's not easy.
It's full of mistakes and lessons.
It hurts.
And in the end, those two words said in love, 
are the same ones said in hate.
"You want a divorce?"


"I do."

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wattpad free story

only updates when possible

Do you really know who you talk to online?
Their lives.
Their faces.
Who they really are?


One day, I finally find out.

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