She Asked For It Review and Release!

My Review! This book was not what I expected whatsoever, but I liked it a lot! It's thought provoking and gives you a better meaning for, "She asked for it." And I'll tell you why it was amazing. I think I loved the layers of Alli most. Each one I peeled back with each page turned, made me more confused but very intrigued in what unraveled. I'm just going to say, I didn't see any of this. It might have been at the back of my mind, but definitely kept me on the edge of my seat. Dean was such a strong and broken character, he grew and wanted love so much. And in the end, I think I loved him more than he could have imagined someone could love him. Alli did too, but we're discussing MY love fo

Midnight F*cking Blue Review

FIVE WELL DESERVED STARS! I found the definition for angst, it's defined as, Midnight Blue. No really, look it up, and pretend it's actually there. I should probably start with: I read this in one sitting. For today, I put aside my writing, my swag, and my sanity. Oops, that last one wasn't on purpose. The course of the entire day, this book wreaked havoc on my soul. HAVOC. It crushed me to bits, it squashed all things holy in my heart, and god, did I love every f*cking second. L.J. Shen outdid herself with this one, it absolutely took my breath away. REALLY, I had to remind myself it was a story, even when it captivated my mind and heart and soul. Reminding myself that the hurt woul

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